A training video on using filters to build Salesforce reports that meet the needs of nonprofits using the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). In this video we cover:

  • Adding Basic Filters
  • Using Multiple Filters
  • Field-types and Filters
  • Report logic 
  • Additional features

* Cross Filters will be covered in a future training video


This training video talks about use cases for Salesforce Roll Up Summary fields, how-to create them, and how-to manage them.

Summary and Matrix Nonprofit Report Training

In this Salesforce training video, we cover building summary and matrix reports, bucket fields,  and highlight a couple important use cases for nonprofit organizations.


Soft Credits in Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack covers how to recognize supporters for helping generate important contributions from a third-party.

Salesforce Dashboards - Using Tabular Reports

This fifth video in the training series, Reporting Dashboards in Salesforce, covers how to use Tabular reports as Dashboard components.