Donation Workflows in Salesforce

Donation Workflows in Salesforce
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In this video, we cover how Salesforce workflows can help your best relationship management process happen every time.

Soft Credits in Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack

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Soft Credits in Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack covers how to recognize supporters for helping generate important contributions from a third-party.

Donation Types in Salesforce donation types in Salesforce
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The nonprofit starter pack comes with four pre-defined types of donations. You might have noticed these types in your own Salesforce when creating a new donation.  The default types of donations are:

  • Donation
  • Grant
  • Major Gift
  • Matching Gift

The NPSP uses the Salesforce feature called, Record Types to track types of donations.  In this video we cover how-to create new record types and customize the layout, fields, record security and other options around a new type of donation. 

Customize Donations in Salesforce
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In the Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack the standard feature for recording and tracking gifts is called Donations. This object is originally the “opportunity” object from the business version of Salesforce. It can be used track a gift throughout the entire lifecycle including: Read more »

Use Cases for Roll-up Summary Fields

Recently we had a user ask for some more real-world use cases of Roll-up Summary Fields.
One example would be when a donor is on the phone to discuss this year's donation (!). Having quick access to some fast facts can be a great help as you have this conversation.  Roll-up summary fields on that individual's contact record can provide you with data such as: Read more »

Salesforce Training: Creating Custom Fields

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This video training shows how to create custom fields in Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP).  Read more »

Salesforce Training: Campaign Management

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This training video shows how the Campaign feature in Salesforce can help your nonprofit have more successful fundraising and outreach efforts. Read more »

Salesforce Training: Custom Objects Creation and Management

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In this training video we cover how to create and manage custom objects (database tables) within and the NPSP. Read more »

Salesforce Training: Account and Contact Management

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This video provides training on using accounts and contacts in Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP).  Read more »

Salesforce Training: Advanced Custom Objects

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In this training video we discuss advanced customizations when working with custom objects in Salesforce and the NPSP. Read more »

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