Use Cases for Roll-up Summary Fields

Recently we had a user ask for some more real-world use cases of Roll-up Summary Fields.
One example would be when a donor is on the phone to discuss this year's donation (!). Having quick access to some fast facts can be a great help as you have this conversation.  Roll-up summary fields on that individual's contact record can provide you with data such as:

  • Largest gift (Highest Previous Contribution (HPC))
  • Total contributions (Total Lifetime Donation Amount)
  • Last gift (Last Donation date)

Another example, would be in planning Direct Mail campaigns. Perhaps in the appeal you would like to personalize the ask amount around each donor's largest gift. Donors that in the past had given $1,000 would be asked for a similar amount, whereas donors that have only given $35 in the past would get a request that is more appropriate to their means. For this strategy, the Roll-Up summary field Highest Previous Contribution (HPC) is just the field you need to make this personalization.