Salesforce Data Loading: Keep Your Data Clean and Updated

I am a self-confessed data nerd. Not the kind of data nerd that pours over spreadsheet after spreadsheet of info, but the kind of data nerd that spends a lot of time thinking about the best way to store, migrate, and clean data for optimal use.

Much of my work here at Jackson River centers around Salesforce, and that usually means working to ensure that important organizational data is exactly where it needs to be. Quite often, that means there's a need to work with data outside of Salesforce. That could include cleaning data via a spreadsheet, importing new data into Salesforce, or exporting existing data out to a new system.

Because the ability to keep vital data clean and organized is so important, I'm starting a series over at on using the Jitterbit Data Loader to work with Salesforce data.

The first video is on updating data, something I run into often. This can be quite useful if you need to clean or populate data for a field in Salesforce and don't want to go through each record one by one to make those updates.

The video walks you through the whole process, step-by-step, from making sure you have the right data to update, making changes via an Excel spreadsheet, and then bringing the data back into Salesforce.

Head on over to for the full lesson, and then keep your eye out for more videos in the near future on how to use Jitterbit to import, export, and even delete data out of Salesforce.