Salesforce Dashboards: Leading Indicators of Success

In the lives of Development Directors, the ability to see trends in the performance of fundraising, marketing or communications efforts is a big deal!  

Having good records and reviewing reports is not the same as seeing the health of an organization. Salesforce Dashboards allow nonprofit executives to cut across the loads of information stored in their CRM software to find relevant indicators of sustained performance. 

These are not necessarily the fundraising results you want to see at the end of the quarter or month (although they can be), rather these are the leading indicators of success. For example, if the key step to securing a Major Gift is to meet in person with potential donors, the key indicator could be how many donor meetings are set-up in the next month.

The first step to successfully leveraging Salesforce Dashboards is to define the indicators of good health for a department or an organization.

Having a set of visual markers for performance could mean the difference between languishing with strategies that aren't working or quickly spotting the idea or effort that generates the best results, be it to engage new donors, inspire returning donors or encourage outreach within the community.

Which is why dashboards are such a huge asset for nonprofits and is why Jackson River has created a new training series at  specifically on nonprofits use of Dashboards. This five part training series covers: 

At the end of this training series, individuals should know how-to build their ideal dashboard. So signup or login to and start monitoring the leading indicators of success at your organization.