New Training Video: Basic Activity Management in Salesforce

Forcify releases the first training video in a new series on Activity Management in Salesforce
Basic Activity Management for Nonprofits is a starter on using Salesforce's activity management tools to foster teamwork and develop stronger, more-lasting donor relationships. This video teaches nonprofit users how to track interactions with supporters using tasks, events, calendars and team scheduling features. Subscribers can watch the training video here »
Nonprofits can leverage these features to keep a Development team fully-informed of donor relationships which can improve the quality of each interaction and prevent costly mistakes. These features can also save time and headaches on a daily basis with:

  • A shared to-do list and reminders keeps your whole team informed of the next steps with any supporter
  • Shared contact history provides a real-time window into the exact relationship an individual supporter has with the organization as opposed to having to call around to the team for this update.
  • Calendar integration with CRM saves you from having to search another program for the relationship history before a call or meeting.
  • Global reporting allows you to summarize many months of activities to gleam important data on how your team’s productivity relates to contributions and supporter engagement.
  • Turnover within nonprofits is inevitable.  Whether donors’ history walks out the door with your former employee is up to you. By recording each activity as it takes place your team is building institutional knowledge of the relationship with donors. 

If you're new to Salesforce's activity management features our new training video, Basic Activity Management in Salesforce, is the perfect place to start.