New Training Series: Nonprofit Data Models in Salesforce

In this our latest release the team at tackle one of the more complex and nebulous questions related to Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack: which Salesforce data model is right for your organization?

This question hits most organizations at the very beginning of their adventure with Salesforce when they are least equipped to answer it since familiarity with Salesforce is the lowest it will ever be at that time.  This brand new video series helps nonprofits understand:

  • Background information relevant to understanding data models
  • The One-to-One Model of the NPSP
  • The Individual "Bucket" model of the NPSP
  • A comparison of each data model
  • How-to set the data model in your Salesforce

There is no single "right" answer for all organizations but knowing how each data model works helps an individual organization with the most important step: applying their unique needs to the various models to see which will work best for them.

In future videos, we'll cover the models for tracking contacts affiliated with donor organizations as well as Household donors. In total, the Salesforce data models we will cover in this series are:

  • One-to-One (Nonprofit Starter Pack)
  • Individual "Bucket" Model (Nonprofit Starter Pack)
  • Household Object (Nonprofit Starter Pack)
  • Accounts as Households
  • Account-Contact

The first videos are now available to all registered subscribers of

Series: Data Models