Create and Track Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign in Under 10 Minutes

It's July. The sun's out. The office is a touch quieter than other times of the year. You're heading out of town next weekend for that thing. It's a perfect time... to think about year-end fundraising.

The middle of the calendar year is a seriously good time to start thinking about the fundraising campaigns you plan to roll out in November and Decemberincluding the need to track the campaigns you intend to run. With the new year a mere 5 months away, life is going to get busy between brainstorming content, writing copy, and completing every other task in between. One of the integral tasks that often gets lost in the blitz of putting together a successful year-end campaign is making sure you're tracking the numbers that come back. Even some simple data tracking can offer valuable insights about the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign(s).

Tracking data doesn't need to take forever, or cost a lot of money. With minimal up front work and the proper tagging of incoming donations, you can get a wealth of information on how your efforts are progressing. In fact, you can set most of this up on a quiet Friday afternoon in the office this summer.

I've put together a video over at that demonstrates how to track a campaign in Salesforce, and it's all done in about 8 minutes.

Some of the most important numbers you can track are:

●      Number of Appeals: if you're running an email or mail campaign, how many people are you sending the appeal to?

●      Number of Donors/Donations: how many donors made how many donations?

●      Total Amount Raised: what's the total dollar value of all donations?

These three numbers allow you to do a little math and add two more tracking numbers: your donor response rate and your average donation. Tracking those five numbers year after year can tell you a lot about your campaign performance.

You can also set up tracking for all of these metrics in Salesforce in a short amount of time. Log into and watch the latest lesson: Creating and Tracking a Fundraising Campaign. It's short, simple, and will put you well ahead of your planning for year-end campaigns, or any other fundraising efforts you have coming up.