Soft Credits and Donation Workflows - Two New Videos!

Today we release two more videos in our series on Managing donations in Salesforce. Read more »

Customize Donation Tracking in Salesforce

September brings a change of seasons in more ways than one.  For fundraisers, the summer of planning is over and end-of-year fundraising begins. As part of this transition, is happy to release two new videos for the fall that help nonprofits customize how donations are tracked in Salesforce. Read more »

Salesforce Dashboards: Leading Indicators of Success

In the lives of Development Directors, the ability to see trends in the performance of fundraising, marketing or communications efforts is a big deal!   Read more »

New Training Series: Nonprofit Data Models in Salesforce

In this our latest release the team at tackle one of the more complex and nebulous questions related to Salesforce and the Nonprofit Starter Pack: which Salesforce data model is right for your organization? Read more »

Series: Data Models

What I love about Matrix reports has launched a new training video on Salesforce Summary and Matrix reports for nonprofits!  Frankly, I'm exhausted from the effort so I'll dive into the recent archives for a blog post on why these reports can be so incredibly useful for nonprofits.  Enjoy!

Development Directors get three consistent questions from the Executive Director and Board of Directors: Read more »

New Training Video: Report Filters in Salesforce

Jackson River and are pleased to announce the newest addition to our Salesforce Reports & Analytics Video training series. Report Filters in Salesforce covers how to use one of the core features of this incredibly powerful CRM product for nonprofits. Read more »

New Training Video: Basic Activity Management in Salesforce

Forcify releases the first training video in a new series on Activity Management in Salesforce
  Read more »

New Salesforce Training Video: Basic Reporting for Nonprofits is pleased to make available the first video in our new Salesforce training series on Reporting & Analytics.  
  Read more »

How-to Group Salesforce Campaigns

We got a good question the other day about using Campaign Types and Campaign Hierarchy. These two features are essentially used to help you group Salesforce campaigns for reporting purposes.  Read more »

Use Cases for Roll-up Summary Fields

Recently we had a user ask for some more real-world use cases of Roll-up Summary Fields.
One example would be when a donor is on the phone to discuss this year's donation (!). Having quick access to some fast facts can be a great help as you have this conversation.  Roll-up summary fields on that individual's contact record can provide you with data such as: Read more »

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